About This Blog

This is essentially a series of notes about things I have learned, am learning, as I journey through life. Perhaps you’ll find something interesting, something helpful.

The blog is not affiliated with any formal organization or church. I’m not here to advance any agenda or program. Innumerable people have boosted me over the years, in my travels–both spiritual and physical–and I’m happy to pass it on, helping others wherever I can.

My name is Mary Brown. And I think, for this purpose, that most personal details are irrelevant. Where I grew up, went to school, currently live and work…my height-weight-age-race…hobbies, skills, pet peeves…trials, tribulations, triumphs–I don’t think any of those specifics  pertain to this discussion, but if you want to know badly enough, shoot me an email. If you have a question about anything you read here, let me know. If you want me to pray for you, I’ll be happy to. And if you want to pray for me, please do!




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