It was a one-two punch for me at church (Rayne UMC in New Orleans) on Sunday morning. First, Elizabeth Cheezem, our children’s leader, told the kids, “Jesus worshipped all the time.” Wow, I thought. I don’t worship all the time. Often, maybe, but not always. And I started thinking about how I can worship while driving, grocery shopping, cleaning house…you get the picture.

Then our pastor, Jay Hogewood, asked the adults, “What does worship mean to you?” And he followed that by telling us that true worship invariably leads to action. Interaction with our loving God will spur loving interaction with people. Amen, I thought. Lord, help me to do better.

So I’m working on worshipping all the time, and trusting that it will show up in my interactions with others, including the grumpy, the high-need, and the irritating folks I may run into.

You get the picture.

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