Creativity, Limitless

On Sunday my pastor, Jay Hogewood, offered a powerful sermon that addressed, among other things, the awful impact of trauma and abuse. Then he reminded us of God’s everlasting presence and love. It was an important message, helpful to me and to many others.

What really stuck with me, though, was a phrase in his post-sermon, pre-Communion prayer: “Lord, thank you for your creativity.” I don’t recall what he said after that because I was caught up in thinking about God’s limitless creativity, related to deliverance from trauma and abuse. Those struggles that we’ve had, those burdens that we’ve borne, those wounds that haven’t healed…God has ways to create blessings which we can’t even imagine. Let us give the past to the Lord, as often as necessary, and trust that limitless creativity in faith and hope.

Photo by kazuend on Unsplash

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