Small Matters, Too

A dear friend recently gave me a Burano lace cross (pictured below), handmade with centuries-old techniques. More than a thousand tiny stitches comprise an exquisite whole.

It brought me to thinking about big goals that seem unattainable, big habits that seem unchangeable, big wrongs that seem unrightable. And I remembered the verse in Zechariah 4:10 where it mentions those who “despise the day of small things.”

Sometimes we feel that if we can’t do big things, there’s no point in doing small things. But the small things add up to prepare the way for God’s mighty works. Small actions can move us toward big goals; small habits, put together, can derail big habits; small rights can bring justice and overthrow big wrongs.

May we not despise the small things, but offer them all for God’s glory.

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