Happy Deathday

Recently, I celebrated my 66th birthday with an eight-day burst of joyful activities. It was wonderful. I heard “Happy birthday!” many times. And when I heard that phrase, I wondered if anyone would ever say to me, “Happy deathday!”

Certainly that’s not going to be a Hallmark card any time soon. But why not? Life is hard.  I’m not suicidal or depressed, just aware that unimaginable blessings await us. “Soon I will be done with the troubles of the world,” sang the great Mahalia Jackson (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbDSdOKqsvM).

May we fix our hearts on the Divine, and enjoy every moment of godly pleasure that comes our way. May we all labor patiently, live faithfully, and grow in grace until we are called home. And may all our deathdays be happy: free from fear and distress, filled with the comfort and hope of knowing that we will soon be in the embrace of our loving Lord.    John Quincy Adams, dying

John Quincy Adams (sketched, as Quincy lay dying, by Arthur J. Stansbury, 1781-1865)


2 thoughts on “Happy Deathday

  1. I too just hit 66. I like the idea of “happy deathday” celebration. I certainly enjoy living, but when the time comes, if I am in the same state of mind I am in today, I will be ready and feel completely comfortable that it is time to give up the corporal body. It has certainly been a wonderful journey, but when the time comes, the time comes.

    A Happy Deathday celebration seems an appropriate event in gratitude for the blessings of being privileged to walk, breathe, and be nurtured by God’s creation for all this time!


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